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Are you ready to wave goodbye to the 3 biggest blocks to your next success?

Are you ready to empower your clients even more?

When those blocks are g-o-n-e, you will be even more empowered to empower your clients to be all that they can be.

You are "transformational" because you are empowering others to be empowered to be all that they can be.

To be "empowered," you must embody the root of that word: power! Growing into your power is an interesting journey, with joys and sorrows, and — with huge satisfactions beyond description that make up for it all. And it usually starts with healing your heart. Then, stepping across the edge of your comfort is so much easier.

The Transformational Entrepreneurs Masterclass

Monday, Dec. 5 at 3pm Pacific
You will —
• heal your heart and align with your life purpose so you can can pivot with ease
• shift your inner critic so you can speak up and be heard
• stop resistance and procrastination so you can take inspired action

Each of these requires growth.
Growth means change.
Change means hitting the edge of your comfort zone, again and again.
And again.

At the FREE Transformational Entrepreneurs Masterclass, you’ll learn the three most common traps that hold entrepreneurs back, and how to unlock those traps and let yourself free.

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What happens at The Transformational Entrepreneurs Masterclass?

Open your heart and
renew your life purpose

When you reconnect with your heart’s desire and life purpose, your heart heals. There’s clarity and ease when it’s time to pivot. When you're connected and aligned, you have a compass that directs you.

Stand up,
Speak up,
Stand out

You’ll learn how to ground yourself, and how to be solid in the courage and conviction it takes to stand out. You’ll trust yourself to be fully seen doing what you’re here to do. You will magnetize the right clients.

Empowered action

When your blocks are unlocked and you’re aligned — you are motivated, inspired and ready to go. You know the support you need, you reach out and get the support you need, and let yourself receive. Action on behalf of your dream is easy, fun and effective.

The Enneagram and Embodiment

I combined my 25 years of embodiment practices with choreography with the 9 different personality styles described by the Enneagram. The result was an embodiment approach to learning a complex system.

My Enneagram-EQ Quiz, based on the Enneagram, reveals how ALL of your scores impact each other to empower you, or to disempower you. Your unique set of gifts and challenges point to your life purpose, and the challenges in your way.

With this embodiment practice, you can embody more of the gifts and less of the challenges of ALL of the types, and remove whatever's blocking your success!

Andrea Isaacs

...is a speaker, trainer, coach and founder of The Emotional Mastery Institute. She certified with pioneers Don Riso & Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer & David Daniels and others, became a founding faculty member of the Enneagram Institute Professional Training in 1994. She has been a speaker, coach and trainer in a variety of settings in 29 countries.

As her work evolved, head hunters from global corporations sought her out to coach their senior leaders and high performing teams and she was invited to speak on Oprah Radio.

Her main focus has become entrepreneurs ready to step up their leadership, and wanting quality in all parts of life.

After using her own unique method which combines the Enneagram, Emotional Mastery, embodiment and neuroscience, she shifted her painful shyness into the confidence to speak on stages around the world.

She now guides others to their life purpose, to know how to choose their emotions so they can live as their best and highest self, no matter what, and have quality communication so everyone is seen, heard, understood and honored.

Emotional Mastery is essential if we want to raise the consciousness of humanity and create a better world.

It's time to be empowered, to stand up, speak up, and stand out, and

take action towards your dreams!

Let’s begin!

You’ve been around the block. You’ve got tools, read the books, heard the speakers. And you’re smart. It’s easy to think, “Oh, I’ve got this. I can do it on my own.” 

And, it could be a   s – l – o – w   road going at a snail’s pace, waiting and waiting to go for that dream, but unsure, not ready, procrastinating, and — missing out on a feeling of life satisfaction. 

Or, you can make a different choice. Choose on behalf of YOU. Learn this method that has been proven over the past 29+ years with thousands of people around the world, validated by neuroscience, and leave with easy-to-use tools for lasting change that will make an impact on your life NOW! 

Make an empowered choice on behalf of your dream! It's time to go for it!

What people say about Andrea's work

Andrea's process is fine-tuned and efficient for bringing sloppy emotions into crystal clarity. Andrea's individual work with participants is genius and extraordinary.

- Anne Geary, Consultant and Enneagram Teacher

Andrea provides a very usable tool that is helping me facilitate lasting change with my clients. It's very exciting because her process accelerates my clients' development journey. When my clients think about their experience in working with me, this innovative methodology differentiates me from a lot of other coaches, and it helps me get my clients to go deeper faster.

- Ipek Serifsoy President, Deep Coaching Institute and President, IS Consulting

Andrea's original contribution to inner work is helpful in grounding insights and an understanding of Enneagram types in our bodies. Her contribution to inner work is vitalizing, significant and constantly growing. She combines sensitivity, heartfulness and good humor with warmth and elegance. Her work has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. It is powerful and transformative.

- Don Richard Riso Co-author of Personality Types and Wisdom of the Enneagram President and co-founder of the Enneagram Institute

The Enneagram is a work of three centers: head, heart, and body. Yet body-based approaches to this work have been few and far between. Andrea Isaacs is a visionary pioneer in this area, and has developed a profound and integrative method for learning the nine types through movement and body wisdom. Her work is highly moving, impactful, and transformative. To experience her is to experience a true master at work.

- Russ Hudson Co-author of Personality Types and Wisdom of the Enneagram President and Co-founder of Enneagram Institute.

Andrea is clearly an expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence, and generously shares her experience and expertise. She maintains a great balance between the practical and the possible, the head, the heart, the body and the mind. She establishes safety, then gently pushes people beyond their comfort zone so they have breakthrough experiences. She's a great listener - her responses to comments and questions are thoughtful and sensitive, and right on target. Always supportive, she models the nonjudgmental behavior she teaches. I was supposed to be an observer, but I got drawn right into the exercises because they were so interesting and so much fun!

- Bonnie Edelstein, Trainer PeopleWork Management Consulting

Because of working with Andrea, I felt welcomed to be who I am. I learned that if I don't step into and be with my fears of what I can do, while holding all that I am meant to be, I will not fulfill my mission in life. Andrea's wisdom, insights and Somatic Focusing lead me to getting out of my comfort zone and to go big! The Brilliance and Business Community and I thank you. Her process gave me a deep knowing that I am valued and loved, and don't have to be anyone else, just me, and that is beautiful, creative and priceless just in itself. Thank you, Andrea, for being there for me to arrive at being myself.

- Mellissa Rempfer, founder of Brilliance and Business coach, speaker and community developer

More about Andrea . . .

I used to HATE being seen. So afraid I’d be judged as stupid or wrong. I couldn’t sleep the night before my first program, afraid that those who registered would actually show up, and actually hoping they wouldn’t!

And then, 65 of them they did. I was scared out of my wits.

But then a funny thing happened. It surprised me completely.

Using the unique system that I had created — based on embodiment, the Enneagram and brain science — I changed!

My painful shyness was soon replaced by confidence. I could hold my ground, speak up and be heard — without fear of being confronted, judged or shamed. My capacity to believe in myself expanded.

Doing this work re-wired my brain for success! (This was validated years late by a brain lab research project.)

This never would have happened without using this system. It can happen for you, too.

Students and clients tell me I have an uncanny insight into what will aid each unique shift with the greatest ease for the greatest outcome.

Join me on this journey from Emotional Mastery to Life Mastery.

  • Enneagram expert
  • 50+ years of embodiment practices
  • Master coach
  • Emotional Mastery for 29 years

See You There!

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